MaryJane Remer-Veatch, LMT
Reach your fullest potential with intuitive touch and long-lasting results.

Jessika Lais says:

"Not only does she have the massage skills, but the energy and atmosphere she creates makes everyday life disappear for awhile. Thank you!"

Mary Remer says:

"The only thing MJ couldn't fix is that I'm OLD...but she sure made me feel better."


Molly Lais says:

"MaryJane is the most passionate and inspirational massage therapist that I have experienced! She is so peaceful and makes you feel very relaxed. She has been very helpful with my back pain and is always checking up on me to make sure things are being taken care of. Thank you so much for everything MaryJane!! ♥"

Jessie Hayward says:

"MJ has thorough hands and a big heart! She relaxes the body and stirs up all those amazing chemicals and endorphins that will have you floating above the trees."


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